Space God!

According to CNN news, George W. Bush has a moment of silence and prays for each fallen soldier in Iraq. Lets see kids, four thousand dead kids equals four thousand moments of silence, means about 66 hours of prayer. Or, since he has been president this buffoon has spent over two and a half solid, compete days talking to himself. This isn’t the good for sanity “I’m bored and driving so I’m talking” or the understandable “I’m awake at night because I have caused the death of thousands of innocent people so I’m talking”

This is the fucking nuts “I have an imaginary friend who can beat up your imaginary friend” type talking.

GWB is in charge of the strongest military in the world. He has atom bombs at his beckon call. He has caused the murder of thousands of people(US military, blackwater, Iraqi, I don’t care, they are all PEOPLE! They are all worth as much as another you fucken’ klutzes) and shows no remorse over it. Instead, he talks to his magic space god.

And your tax dollars paid for him to do it for sixty six hours.

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