I had a dream last night that I was hitchhiking. I was n the road, making good time, and I got picked up by a man in his fifties. The man is none other than Ernest Hemmingway.

Ol Ernest and I got to talking, and he invited me back to his house for some iced tea because it was just so god damned hot outside. He and I sat on his back porch, drinking arnold palmers because his wife had been so kind to pick lemons that afternoon. Oh yes, his wife was very kind to me.

After a spell of talking about guns and hunting, Ernest told me about the last hitcher he picked up. Poor bastard died of dehydration before Ernest could get him a drink. Well, now Ernest couldn’t just let his body lie, so he put him in the freezer. Keep him cold, because he was so damned hot when he died.

Around then was when I woke up, because Ernest showed me the guy in the freezer. he looked just like me.


Trisha said...

Sometimes you are just so odd. And yet still more normal than most of our family.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................